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Short Animated Film ‘Dear Angelica’ Ushers in New Era of VR Beauty

"When I say 'Dear Angelica' may be the most beautiful VR I’ve ever seen, that's hardly hyperbole."

Saschka Unseld’s animated VR short film Dear Angelica–created using new VR illustration tool Quill–tells the story of a young woman coming to terms with the memories she has of her actress mother. The film premiered at Sundance and is also avaible for free on the Oculus Rift.

“When I say Dear Angelica may be the most beautiful VR I’ve ever seen, that’s hardly hyperbole,” writes The Verge‘s Adi Robertson. “Partly because we’ve only got a few years of work with which to compare it, and partly because [illustrator Wesley] Allsbrook’s three-dimensional illustration is so vibrant. It’s by turns sweeping and intricate, from the lush fantasy sequences of Angelica’s movies to the roughly sketched outline of Jessica lying in bed, pages of her letters fluttering to the floor beside her bed. Each section unfolds around you with a loose dream logic, so you can walk through Jessica’s memories as they fill in, linger, and eventually disappear.”

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