Sundance AR Experience Lets Two Users Interact with the Same Hologram

Meta's 'The Journey to the Center of the Natural Machine' premieres at Sundance Film Festival's New Frontier initiative.
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Meta is debuting a new augmented reality called The Journey to the Center of the Natural Machine at the Sundance Film Festival's New Frontiers experience. The narrated experience lets two users interact with the same hologram of a human brain while a narrator explains how the miraculous organ works.

“This is the first time that you have an immersive augmented reality experience where multiple people can see and touch holograms together—it’s the first time we’re aware of that immersive AR has been used for storytelling,” Ryan Pamplin, Meta's VP of sales & partnerships, tells VRScout. “I think what this really points to is the future of how things will be presented—for entertainment of course, but also for so much more: the way we work, the way things are designed and manufactured…really every facet of life that involves a digital device will be impacted by this.”

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Qoncept Inc. Uses DeckLink SDI Micro for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

Qoncept Inc. Uses DeckLink SDI Micro for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

Blackmagic Design announced today that Blackmagic’s DeckLink SDI Micro was used for capture and playback with the pitching tracking system “Baseboy,” a newly announced system by Qoncept Inc. capable of visualizing a ball’s path and interlocking with a camera feed. Baseboy was first used, in conjunction with a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, in the recent Japan/US international baseball match, Samurai Japan Series 2019, broadcast by TV Asahi as Japan’s first real time baseboy analysis system.