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Filmmakers From the Frontlines of Journalistic VR Share Their Lessons Learned

In the below episode of the No Film School podcast, Liz Nord speaks with Ben C. Solomon, video journalist and filmmaker for The New York Times, Carla Borrás, Director of Digital Video at Frontline, and Sean Flynn, Program Director of the Points North Instituteto learn more about how filmmakers are conquering virtual reality’s biggest challenges.

“I think there are a few things to consider when you are interested in exploring [VR]. If you’ve got a story, I think you’ve got to ask yourself is there something transportive about this where VR is going to add in a way if you get to actually be there and be on the ground as something is unfolding,” says Borrás. “I think another thing is asking…if it’s going to additive in an immersive way or an empathy way.”

Listen below.