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Why VR Is Worth Experimenting With

WVU Reed College of Media lecturer and multimedia specialist David Smith explains why virtual reality and 360-degree videos aren’t just a flash in the pan.

He writes, “There are multiple ways to tell every story, and VR and 360-degree aren’t always going to be the best tool for every story. Generally, it’s best for stories about places and experiences. where we want people to understand what it feels like to be in a specific place at a specific time. It can also help us inspire viewers to feel empathy for others. And if you’re a storyteller who’s trying to compete with an overabundance of content demanding viewers’ attention (not to mention the problem of shortening attention spans), you may want to turn to VR and 360 video. Immersive storytelling is by definition a great tool for grabbing an audience and ‘hacking into their brain’ so they can experience another world.”

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