Was VR a Flop This Year?

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TIME's game critic Matt Peckham and executive editor Matt Vella discuss why they feel 2016 wasn't quite the year of VR that it was hyped up to be.

Says Vella, "I’m disappointed in the state of VR at the moment. Having looked forward in anticipation to the arrival of three major headsets since last summer—well actually a lot longer than that; I bought a Virtual Boy with my paper route salary—I feel that the reality of virtual reality as of today is sadly lacking. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why. But I’d describe my experience with all the headsets as a 'double aha moment.' It’s 'Aha!' when you realize this is finally it, VR that works, and is decently immersive. Followed by an 'Ahhhhhaaaaaaaa…' when you realize there’s not that much to do in VR, let alone keep me engaged for more than novelty’s sake. I mean to say that it’s been fun to put my PS VR headset on friends and family when they come over but, at the end of the day, I’m not compelled to put it on myself the way I might be to play a few rounds of whatever game is interesting at the moment."

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