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How Will VR and AR Reach Critical Mass?

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TechCrunch's Tim Merel examines how the major VR and AR companies are working to ensure mass adoption of the nascent technology at some point in the near future.

"New technology follows a familiar adoption curve, and it’s easier to attract your first customers, innovators and early adopters. It’s very hard to cross the chasm and attract the early majority and beyond," says AKQA founding chairman Tom Bedecarre.

"Trying VR is really important, because the experience is so dramatically beyond what most people have seen before now," says Richard Marks, the head of Sony PlayStation Magic Lab. "We’ve shown over 400,000 in-store demos, and to encourage people to show their friends, we give away a free demo disc with every PSVR as well as a free asymmetric multiplayer game that enables everyone without a headset to play along with the person in VR.”

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