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Felix & Paul on Creating Rich, Immersive, Experiential VR Worlds

In the latest Voices of VR podcast, Kent Bye speaks to virtual reality pioneers Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël of Felix & Paul Studios, who discuss both their proprietary technology and their creative philosophies that have made them so successful in the space.

“We rarely think about directing viewers’ attention when we create a VR piece,” says Lajeunesse. “What we think about is creating an experience where there generally is a dominating element going on…and that generally drives your interest as a viewer. But even if you decide to look away and in another direction, it still needs to make perfect sense. You still need to feel that you’re fully immersed into the piece. So it’s really about crafting a world that is rich and complex and elaborate, and also making sure that the viewer truly feels emotionally connected to the moment, truly feels present inside the moment. So we pull a lot of strings to be able to create that feeling.”

Listen here.