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Lionsgate to Release ‘Deepwater Horizon’ VR Director’s Commentary with Home Release

Lionsgate will be releasing a dedicated free VR app on iOS and Android in conjunction with the home release of its underwater action film Deepwater Horizon.

The app features three scenes filmed in 360-degrees, showing director Peter Berg at work with his cast while Berg and editor Colby Parker Jr. provide commentary. Two of the scenes are unlocked only via audio cues from watching the film itself.

“One of the things that struck me most when I watched our VR app is that we’re just scratching the surface,” said Michael Rathauser, senior vice president of marketing for Lionsgate Home Entertainment, to [a]listdaily. “When you take the director’s commentary and put it in the world of VR, it’s a more immersive and more personal way to communicate and get information from the director.”

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