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Are We Only 30 Years Out from Living 'The Matrix?'

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Digital Trends's Nick Mokey writes an in-depth piece on the history and future of virtual reality.

Atari creator Nolan Bushnell tells him that virtual reality will probably be at the level of The Matrix or Lawnmower Man in about 30 years. "We’re in the Pong stage of virtual reality. Basically, we hit photorealism in games almost 10 years ago. So in 35 years, we went from blocky quarter-inch pixels of Pong, to photorealism. It’s only reasonable to assume that we can do the same thing with virtual reality, " he says. "Once you get this stuff built, anybody can live the life of a rich person with just N number of calories a day to keep your body working. Then all that we have to do is worry about boredom. Do we now start fighting wars in virtuality? Is somebody going to sneak up on us when we’re all plugged in?”

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