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WebVR Could Solve VR's Accessibility Issue

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MIT Open Documentary Labs's Sarah Wolozin discusses VR's accessibility challenge and offers a solution.

"What if VR experiences could be made and experienced directly on the web, a platform where billions of people create and consume content every day," she writes. "A platform where people already are. Or another way to put it is what if the web could be experienced through VR. It is possible. It exists. It is called WebVR. WebVR is a JavaScript API that allows you to create VR on the web with web technologies such as Three.js and on top of WebGL, an open source language to create 3D environments. WebVR works across most devices, ranging from your desktop to your mobile phone and on most existing headsets. It even allows you to connect your devices for a multiuser and social experience. One VR project could be experienced on any VR headset but also as a 3D experience on your computer or mobile phone."

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