Why Our Bodies Aren't Designed to Handle VR

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Gizmodo's Alex Cranz delves into virtual reality's motion sickness problem and why our bodies are not designed to handle VR.

She explains, "How you experience your place in the physical world is determined by your eyes and your vestibular system, which is primarily composed of a complex series of bone structures in your inner ear. Spinning quickly in a circle or standing up too fast can wreak havoc with this delicate arrangement. Damage to the system creates vertigo. It’s hyper sensitive and does not like to be tricked—yet that’s exactly what VR does."

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Hawk-woods launches first portable power solution for 48-volt cinema lighting

Hawk-woods is pleased to announce the new 48V-RP power station, a unique power solution which allows users to power ARRI Skypanels and other 48 volt (V) LED lighting when mains power is not available. Hawk-woods new 48V-RP is one of the first power solutions which enables users to run high voltage LEDs at 100% light output via a DC input.

Singapore’s Hit Zombie Comedy Zombiepura Graded on DaVinci Resolve

Singapore’s Hit Zombie Comedy Zombiepura Graded on DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel was used for color correction of Singapore’s first zombie comedy, “Zombiepura.” The film, which gained international distribution, is the first full length feature directed by internationally known short film filmmaker, Jacen Tan, who also was part of the post production team grading Zombiepura with DaVinci Resolve.