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Lucasfilm CTO on How Game Design Techniques Impact VR

[a]listdaily speaks to Rob Bredow, chief technology officer of Lucasfilm, about their work bringing the world of Star Wars into virtual reality.

“Giving people instructions without ever having to tell them what to do is just a lovely thing that transfers great into VR,” says Bredow about the game design. “You already know how to use your hands. You already know how to interact with things because you’re working in a virtual version of the real world, and the more simple tasks we can give people to do reinforces it as positive, and then we build on that for the next thing which is just classic good game design. We find that transfers really well, and that’s great for storytelling too because you can get people to follow along and you don’t have to worry about a fail through for every case if you’ve trained the user properly. So for the Trials on Tatooine experiment, when we first started doing it, I’d sit there sweating bullets watching people go through it and they’d miss that TIE Fighter coming in. Now we have to rethink how we’re going to train the user to look in the right direction, or change the composition in the storytelling so that they get the kind of interactions we’re looking for.”

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