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Best Practices for Facebook Video

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Tubular Insights CEO Mark Robertson has shared insights on best practices for uploading videos to Facebook, including aspect ratios, posting frequency, and more.

He says, "In short – video marketers should upload natively to Facebook because it works best, and because Facebook, a platform with the largest number of daily active users worldwide, has put significant resources into enhancing the platform to showcase and promote native video content. Although Facebook has allowed for uploading of native video for many years, they implemented several changes in mid-2014 that made native video, an incredibly popular medium for the platform. After Facebook tested 'auto-play' videos beginning in December 2013, they officially made it the default video playback experience in May of 2014. Since then, any video content uploaded to the platform, is given unique, and prominent visibility within user’s newsfeed through the automatically moving picture – admittedly modeled after the 'magical images' featured in Harry Potter films’ fictional Daily Prophet Newspaper."

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