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The Mill Visualizes Body Machinations with Biometric VR Experience

The Mill NY has created “Strata,” a biometric VR experience that visualizes bodily functions like a heartbeat and breathing.

Writes executive creative director Rama Allen on Televisual, “Strata was born out of twin fascinations: how we interact with digital media and how we can see the body’s invisible machinations. You can connect these two things via standard consumer wearables, but those have always felt dissatisfying to me — you can read your heartbeat on your wrist, so what? I wanted to use technology to create a nontechnical relationship with ourselves, by creating a biofeedback system that’s felt rather than read, in an effort to complete the theatre of immersion and amplify it with the authenticity and power of real-time data feedback. VR, after all, is about transport, and the dream of the experience is quite fragile. To distract from the whole is to interrupt the dream and do a disservice to the medium and the feeling.”

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