Three Major Ways Social Media Impacts TV Viewing

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From viewer engagement to ratings assessment, SocialBarrel lists some of the ways that social media is changing the television viewing landscape.

They write, "In light of the new ways of consuming television – including streaming, recording, and illegal downloading – it is much harder than it once was for advertisers and networks to determine how many people are watching each show. Fortunately, social media has stepped into the gap that was once filled by Nielsen numbers. Additionally, social media has also affected television in other ways and below are some of the major effects social media has had on the TV broadcasting in the recent times."

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Actors Kerry Washington & Jeff Perry on steps of LA’s City Hall, CG replicating of the Lincoln Memorial

VFX Legion Wraps Three-Year’s Work on ABC’s 'Scandal'

The recent airing of the series finale of ‘Scandal’ on ABC capped off VFX Legion’s three-year run as the sole visual effect company for award-winning creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes’ political thriller. The Burbank studio has been the driving force behind the hundreds of computer-generated effects that the show’s viewers didn’t see each week. Currently a streaming favorite on Netflix, Legion’s team takes great pride in the fact that the photorealistic digital world they created now goes unnoticed by a new crop of fans binge-watching the groundbreaking series.