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Google Earth VR Wows Critics

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Google Earth VR is wowing critics. The free app, available exclusively on HTC Vive, allows users to propel themselves to anywhere on the planet, and even outer space, to experience the world in a new, virtual way.

"It's not incredibly interactive beyond looking and viewing, but it's easily one of the most powerful VR experiences I've had in recent memory," writes Mashable's Adario Strange.

Meanwhile Ars Technica's Sam Machkovech gives a full report on the whole experience, writing, "Google Earth VR, which is currently a free exclusive for HTC Vive owners, will look familiar to anybody who has used Google's "Earth" mapping apps before. You can grab the globe, zoom in and out anywhere, and see finer details as you zoom closer to any location. But this VR variant differs largely in that it reveals just how much 3D-mapped content the app really has—and displays it as handsomely as its limited system possibly can."

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