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Google Spotlight Stories Releases ‘Rain or Shine,’ Its Latest Charming 360-Degree Video

Google Spotlight Stories’s latest animated short “Rain or Shine” tells the adorable story of a young girl who suddenly finds herself in possession of some pretty unique sunglasses.

The film, optimized for watching on a mobile phone (but also available to see below in browser-based 360-degrees), was directed by Felix Massie and involved a pretty complex multi-layered storyline that changes depending on where the user is looking.

“There’s a camera that has its own story line. The cloud has its own story line and Ella has her own story line,” Massie explains to Animation World Network. “They all power themselves — they all have to meet up. But, they can meander off on their own course for a moment. That was something technical director Mark Davis, even though he didn’t think would be possible at the beginning, knew that we wanted, where certain things pulled us and certain things didn’t, carrying on without the main story going on. That was quite a eureka moment. Getting that working was a good thing because it opened up the possibility that this could happen or nothappen. For example, the cat and the pigeon. If you watch the cat chase the pigeon the pigeon will land on the ice cream van. If you don’t watch the cat and the pigeon the pigeon will never land on the ice cream van, but the story goes on without it. This is what we mean by threads of stories coming together. That was quite a complicated, good thing to achieve.”

Read the full story here.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video.