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Run This Year’s NYC Marathon in VR

One runner at this weekend’s NYC Marathon had an unprecedented task. Ten-time marathoner Alex Christison was outfitted with a Samsung Gear 360 camera and a special stabilization rig as he ran the 26.2 miles across the city’s five boroughs. The resulting 360-degree video was stitched together for the three-minute “26.2” experience available on the LIFE VR app and on Sports Illustrated‘s website.

“With the launch of ‘26.2’ in 360, we’re able to not only take our viewers on a journey that many will never otherwise take, but we are particularly excited about the timeliness of offering this experience,” said Mia Tramz, managing editor of LIFE VR. “By collaborating with the talented teams at Sports Illustrated and CyberLink, we’re thrilled to be able to offer this to our viewers the morning after the race.”

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