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Experts Weigh In on Periscope’s Viability

With Twitter’s decision to shutter Vine, experts are weighing in on the vulnerability of its live-streaming application, Periscope, especially in a field that is getting more and more crowded.

“Between Facebook’s massive push for their live product and Instagram testing livestreaming capabilities—not to mention whatever Snapchat may have in store in the coming months—Periscope is in danger of becoming a deep afterthought in the minds of livestreamers,” Matt Statman, CEO and creative director at Motive, tells Adweek. “For Twitter to salvage any hope of playing in the livestreaming world, they should envelop Periscope immediately and come back to the table with a fresh, Twitter-branded livestreaming product that fills all the holes Instagram and Facebook will surely leave. This would allow them to address the lingering livestreaming issues before Facebook and Instagram could integrate the updates into their platform and reopen a window for the millennial livestreamer to reactivate their Twitter account.”

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