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Doug Liman: “If We Don’t Try Scripted, Then VR Is Going to Be Really Boring”

Samsung VR’s Invisible is one of the first major scripted VR series ever created, attracting top Hollywood talent like Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) and screenwriter Melisa Wallack (The Dallas Buyers Club). The six-part series centers on an old New York family, the Ashlands, whose tentacles reach into the largest corporations and governments in the world. Although they control a large portion of the world’s economy, they exist in relative ambiguity. They move without being seen and somehow without being known. That’s because select family members have the power to make themselves invisible. The cause of their invisibility remained a mystery, until now. Ground-breaking genetic research is about to break the code and expose their secret. 

“I started out directing comedy and then expanded to directing and producing romantic comedy, action-adventure and war films–my career is a constant learning process. I’m always in film school.” Liman said in a statement. “I don’t need to know how to do something when I start a project, but I want to have learned how to do it when I’m done. Nowhere was the challenge greater or more exciting than with making Invisible. With the partners on the project, we created our own film school, learning from each other as we shot and edited. Because it’s in 360° VR, everything we did with Invisible – from the story to how it was shot – was new to all of us. And that’s why it was exciting.” 

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Swingers director also went on to tell the Los Angeles Times why it was important to try out a scripted series in VR, even though most basic tenets of successful narrative filmmaking–most importantly in the editing room–would be thrown out the window. “If we don’t try scripted, then VR is going to be really boring,” said Liman. “I can’t say any of this was easy. But we had to try. Because otherwise VR is just real life, and who wants to watch that?”

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