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This VR Bioluminescent Forest Is Designed to Help You Relax

Time Inc. and Framestore VR present Lumen, a new self-guided meditative VR experience.

The relaxing experience was created with the help of VR neuroscience advisor Walter Greenleaf of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. It uses gaze tracking to determine the growth of an interactive bioluminescent forest. Sounds and colors are personalized to the user’s experience as well.

“We wanted to reward the user for allowing their focus to put them into a meditative state,” says Framestore executive creative director Aron Hjartarson. “Wherever you put your attention something positive happens to the world around you. The cyclical aspect of existence is in there, from birth to regeneration.”

The experience’s tree growth was programmed within the Unity game engine using procedural generation.

Read more here on Framestore’s site.