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VR Filmmaking Is About Creating a Playground For Your Audience

Filmmaker Magazine speaks to Oculus creative producer Yelena Rachitsky about the future of filmmaking in virtual reality.

“I try not to get stuck on one idea,” says Rachitsky. “Months ago I thought film directors had a hard time transitioning to VR because they’re so used to having ultimate control of a project. VR is about letting go because you ultimately don’t have control over your audience. How do you create space for someone to feel free, to feel like they are making decisions, and still create a playground for them? It’s a delicate balance, and there are subtle ways. I’ve been talking a lot about Notes on Blindness, which is a really powerful VR experience, and the creators are filmmakers who have also made interactive maps. They understand how to create interactivity in VR so that users feel they’re part of and contributing to an experience. People want to be seen, it’s a human thing, like if you think about being in grade school and the teacher calls on you and your body just elevates.”

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