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Dive with the Manatees In This Underwater 360-Degree Experience

Wildlife cinematographer Adam Ravetch recently went diving at the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge and toook along 360RIZE’s360Abyss v4underwater VR camera for the ride. The result is a 360-degree video that lets users dive with the manatees.

“Documenting in VR, up close with a lone mother and calf pair, I couldn’t help but make a connection,” Ravetch tells 360RIZE. “First, the baby investigated me, looked me in the eye, and then the mother, ever so watchful, quickly swam over to determine if I was friend or foe. It is what I love about filming underwater. Under the sea, it is 800 times more dense than air, which means you can only see so far and you are forced to get close to experience anything. It is in these close-up encounters, only feet away from an animal, that you look into their eyes and make a connection. Good or bad, there you are with a wild creature, sometimes as dangerous as a polar bear or great white,  and sometimes as calm and peaceful as a sea cow. And every time, no matter how intense and how wild, I wonder what the animal is thinking. It makes you realize how similar we are, putting into perspective both the animal’s and our importance on this planet; and always, it leaves me for the want of going back, underwater, to see more.”  

Watch the video below and read the full story here.