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AP Shares VR Lessons Learned: ‘Most Events Are Not Designed for VR’

Over a year after entering the VR space, and after producing 20 virtual reality and 360-degree videos, the Associated Press has shared some of their learnings in the space with Digiday.

“The rule of thumb is ‘would you look around you in a certain situation?’ if the answer is yes, then maybe there is an opportunity to create a VR experience,” said Paul Cheung, AP’s director of interactive and digital news.

“Most events are not designed for VR,” adds Francesco Marconi, AP’s manager of strategy and corporate development, citing a case where they put a 360-degree camera on the Oscars red carpet. “If you look at the front you see red carpet but if you look back you see cameras and journalists towering over you. You have to ask how do you create an experience to immerse the user.”

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