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HBO Builds VR Experience for New Sci-fi Show ‘Westworld’

HBO’s new show Westworld is about a Western theme park unlike any the world has ever seen. Populated by robots, and run by scientists, the park lets visitors live out their wildest cowboy fantasies. That is, until things start to go wrong.

To market the new show, HBO has built out an exclusive VR version of the theme park, as well as a dedicated microsite that lets users explore the park on their own–and possibly unlock easter eggs and bonus content.

“Your most engaged and passionate fans, particularly when we’re dealing with a genre show, can be your greatest advocate,” Sabrina Caluori, senior vice president of digital media and marketing for HBO, tells Variety. “So that’s for us the reason to build out this very rich experience. If we can create something cool, they’ll help to drive the overall word of mouth and success of the show.”

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