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Bill Gates Documents His South Africa Humanitarian Trip in VR

Bill Gates has decided to share one of his many international humanitarian trips via virtual reality, with a new video documenting his recent trip to South Africa for the International AIDS Conference.

“I wish everyone could have seen what I did. I have no doubt it would help more people become aware of the challenges the world’s poorest people face. It would also leave them as optimistic as I am about the incredible progress the world is making in health and development,” Gates writes on Gates Note. “During my trip to South Africa in July, I tried something new that I hope will allow people to experience what I have. I had highlights of my visit recorded in virtual reality. It’s still an emerging technology but what excites me about it is that it allows viewers to immerse themselves in another world. You can look up and down. Turn right or left. Listen to sounds all around you. I used to think there was no substitute to being there and seeing things for yourself. But virtual reality is a close second. It fulfills my dream of allowing people to see what I’m seeing and, perhaps, feel what I’m feeling, too.”

Check it out here.