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Specular Theory Releases Cinematic VR App on Gear VR

Specular Theory has released its debut app on Samsung Gear VR, allowing viewers to access a stream of cinematic mobile VR content created by Specular Theory and its featured partners.The app will initially appear on Gear VR and will continue to roll out on additional platforms.

This will be the first time the company has released their content in one place. The app will include Specular Theory original projects, music videos, brand engagements, and fun experiments. The streamlined navigation and interface will allow viewers to efficiently choose experiences, with each film having movement and motion sickness labels, so viewers can make choices based on their particular comfort level. 

“Our goal is to expand viewers’ VR palate with great experiences to help push the medium as a whole and take immersive storytelling to the next level,” notes Specular Theory CMO/Co-Founder Ryan Pulliam.

“We want to have total freedom to create and innovate in this medium and not be limited by third-party hardware and software, including having control over the quality of the playback, which is important to us. We are fortunate to be able to do this; it’s part of what gives us our leading edge,” adds Specular Theory CEO/Co-Founder Morris May.

The app will be rolling out more features over the next few months to help drive adoption and optimize the experience for viewers.

Click here to download the app in the Oculus Store.