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Live Football Arrives on Twitter

Last night, Twitter finally premiered its much talked-about deal with the NFL to live-stream Thursday Night Football in a dedicated way that also curates live tweets surrounding the game.

Explains Wired, “Twitter is already entrenched as a second-screen experience. Users will watch a sports game or an awards show on TV, phone in hand, tweeting and scrolling and faving. But it’s just one of a number of companies trying to turn that second-screen experience into a first-screen play. Merging live TV and the social sphere has proven tricky. All anyone knows is that it involves the Internet in some way. Now they’re working on how viewers find stuff to watch when the list of options is effectively infinite. They also need to build the necessary infrastructure to stream a live event to tens of millions of people simultaneously—your cable box doesn’t pause to buffer when it’s third and 10 and the ball’s in mid-air.”

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