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The Mill Experiments with Biometric VR Experience STRATA

The Mill is experimenting with a new VR experience called STRATA, that harnesses a user’s biometrics–like heartrate, brainwaves, breathing and more–to generate a unique audio and visual experience. As VR Fitness Insider explains, this might be the first step into a world of VR therapy.

They write, “Now, what STRATA is doing is that it is basically transforming user’s biometric data into a VR experience that is just for fun. But the true ramifications that come from this technology down the road are endless. What if this can also be used to treat patients suffering from different disabilities with VR therapy? VR therapy is basically a form of virtual treatment that uses a patient’s biometric data like heart-rate, body temperature, breathing-rate, and blood pressure to name only a few and helps them recovering from any neurological disease. A patient’s body and brain both work together in virtual reality which helps in stimulation of healing process.”

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