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NDIcentral Launches at IBC

NewBay, publisher of TV Technology (TVT) and Creative Planet Network (CPN), has announced the launch of NDIcentral, a live social media hub designed to educate and inform the industry about NDI, the Network Device Interface standard from NewTek. NewBay has partnered with NewTek on the hub, which goes live today, as the industry awaits the latest news from the IBC Conference in Amsterdam.

NDI is an open standard for video over IP that allows any NDI-enabled device on the network such as production switchers, graphics generators, capture systems, and media services to see and access content for live production. NDI is poised to have a big impact on the industry, and NDIcentral provides a valuable resource for NDI partners and users, who can also participate in the hub by adding the hashtag #NDIcentral to their social media posts.

At NDIcentral, TVT and CPN editors are curating a real-time feed of social media posts about NDI, including opinions from media & entertainment industry thought leaders, articles from TVT and CPN editors, and posts from NewTek and other companies. NDIcentral is being promoted exclusively on,, and via NewTek’s worldwide marketing operation.

NDIcentral ( can be found on and, as well as NewTek’s corporate website. Companies that support NDI also have the opportunity to sponsor the hub and have its valuable content on their own websites. Companies who want to sponsor the NDIcentral can contact TVT and CPN VP/Group Publisher Eric Trabb at

“NewTek came to us looking for a publishing platform that would leverage our existing content on NDI as well as include posts and other industry information on the standard,” says Trabb. “Using a new social media curation technology, TVT and CPN were able to create a real-time industry-wide publishing platform that can reside on our sites as well as the websites of NewTek and other companies that support NDI.”

“NewTek NDI is an open standard anyone can implement to connect video equipment across a network,” says Donetta Colboch, VP of Marketing for NewTek Inc. “We’re very excited to be working with TV Technology and the Creative Planet Network on this truly innovative social media hub that can pull in all the best opinion, tutorial, and best-practice information available on NDI in a social media platform that can reside on a wide number of sites across the media and entertainment industry.”