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Financial Times Adds Another Dimension to In-Depth Rio Piece with 360-Degree Video

The Financial Times’ Hidden Cities series provides an in-depth look at major metropolises around the world. For their latest installment, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, the newspaper decided to add an element of virtual reality with a 360-degree video that explores one of Rio’s favelas.

“We didn’t want it to just be floating around on the website, unconnected to anything, and I thought it would make a lot of sense if a VR film could be an enrichment to a in-depth piece of journalism,” FT Weekend associate editor Natalie Whittle told “I think it’s kind of an extension to [correspondent Samantha Pearson’s written Hidden Cities piece]. You have these elements together – Samantha is talking to people who live and work there and we also had a photojournalist presenting a fascinating visual take on what life on the streets of the favelas is like. This project showed VR could add something to both of those elements without really detracting from them – it literally added another dimension but also an enrichment to what we could give to the readers.”

Watch the piece below and read the full story here.