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The Roots and Stella Artois Create First Music Video You Can Taste

Science, art, and gastronomy all combine in Stella Artois’s experimental music video created with The Roots. The band was asked to create two versions of the same track, one that highlights the sweeter notes of the beer and one that highlights the more bitter notes.

The music was then paired with a four-course dinner, including Stella Artois beer of course, at multisensory dining experience Le Savoir. An interactive version of the video that lets users toggle back and forth between sweet and bitter was also created and released online

“Sounds can influence your sense of flavor,” Dan Chandler, executive creative director at agency Sid Lee, tells Adweek. “We found fruity pineapple notes, for instance, and then asked people what sounds they represent. All of the sounds were then added to the video, to bring out the fruity or sweeter notes, or the bitter notes that come from the hops in the beer.”

Check out the interactive video here.