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Facebook Experiments with 360-Degree Video Stabilization

Facebook has released a demo of its new 360-degree video stabilization technology which can help create a smoother viewing experience. The move highlights the social site’s expectations for 360-degree and VR video use to continue to grow exponentially.

Explains TechCrunch, “Johannes Kopf, the research scientist who led the effort, explained that he used a variety of open-source technologies like OpenCV and OpenGV to build the stabilization tool. While neither of these tools are new, the application to stabilizing video is unique. Moreover, both 2D and 3D stabilization have been used before, but an implementation of both in the same tool enables fast and accurate stabilization. The team decided to only use 3D analysis for key frames. Rather than equally spacing out the key frames, a tracker identifies specific frames with spikes in activity. Kopf explains that once the 3D reconstruction is applied, the system can differentiate rotational and translational camera motion. This effectively allows the final 2D optimization to be more effective. Once aligned, the key frames are locked and used as reference points. This is when the deformed-rotation model comes into play, and local deformations are fixed.”

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