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‘The New Yorker’ Celebrates U.S. Open with VR Cover

Artist Christoph Niemann and The New Yorker celebrate the start of the U.S. Open with a cover with a VR component.

“Serve!”is a 360-degree animation which follows a tennis ball as it flies across the court. “Most of what I’ve seen done in virtual reality these days leaves me confused—I don’t know where to look,“ Niemann tells The New Yorker. “I wanted to see if drawing was a way of solving the challenge of V.R., a way to guide the viewer as he reads the scene. With a bouncing ball, I could limit, condense, and focus the information. And if you’re watching with a Google Cardboard viewer, you get to turn your head from left to right, which is a real-life equivalent to being right there in the court.”

Check it out below.