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An In-Depth Look at the Semantics of VR

Upload‘s Jesse Damiani writes an impassioned proposal for those still arguing over the semantics of virtual reality vs. 360-degrees, with a three-pronged approach to helping the argument die down.

He writes, “As a pragmatist, I see three problems in this discussion: (1) It is framed as a fight: there are attackers (purists) and attacked (apologists,) (2) There’s a misunderstanding of ‘genre’ and ‘medium,”'(3) There’s disagreement over what constitutes the minimum amount of interactivity to be considered authentic VR. We can address the first issue quite easily by changing the language we use. Instead of ‘True VR,’ I propose we call it ‘Responsive VR.’ This term honors the form’s unique capabilities without inherently indicting the validity of 360° cinema’s place alongside it. It is also broad enough to include the spectrum from active gaming to invisible interactivity.”

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