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Report Suggests Consumers Are Happiest When Streaming is a Complement to Pay TV

A new study from J.D. Power took a look at the level of consumer satisfaction with streaming video services and found that those that used streaming as a complement to their traditional TV service were overall happier than cord cutters that streamed exclusively.

The study finds that although the number of customers who cut the cord on pay TV is growing, the majority of streaming video customers still purchase a paid TV service in addition to a streaming video service. Three-fifths (60%) of streaming customers are cord stackers; 23% are cord shavers (those who still subscribe to TV but have downgraded their service package); 13% are cord cutters (those who have recently canceled TV service); and 4% are cord nevers (those who have never subscribed to pay TV and only subscribe to streaming video service). The study found that satisfaction is lowest among cord cutters, followed closely by cord nevers, while satisfaction is highest among cord stackers and cord shavers. Satisfaction in all measures is lower among customers who do not have cable/satellite TV than among those who do.

J.D. Power executive Kirk Parsons says, “The results suggest consumers might still think of [streaming services] as a complement to pay TV…even though you may be paying more, you’re getting more for it.”

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