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Thriller ‘Don’t Breathe’ Releases Harrowing 360-Degree Clip

In Sony Pictures Entertainment’s upcoming thriller Don’t Breathe, three teens break into a blind man’s house, mistaking him for an easy mark. 

Sony partnered up with digital agency AvatarLabs to create an exclusive 360-degree version of one of the film’s most harrowing scenes, in which the teens are being chased by the armed blind murderer through a pitch-black basement.

The piece was actually captured in one continuous take and in almost total darkness, with the only light coming from LEDs attached to the camera. As Collider explains, “Unlike many 360° videos where viewers simply turn in place, AvatarLabs designed the innovative production to push beyond this limitation, allowing viewers to not only rotate their view 360°, but also move forward, providing a much more dynamic view of the terrifying scene and characters within.”

The agency also says that sound design takes ” the experience to the next level. We designed our mix using audio from the film, original music composition and sounds captured the day of the shoot. The resulting experience puts the viewer into the harrowing scene, giving him the unsettling sense of what it feels like to be hunted.”

Watch below and read more here.