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This is What HoloLens and Second Life Look Like Together

In the below video, Jim Reichert, senior creative technologist at Microsoft, took 360-degree footage from Second Life and uses HoloLens to project it around his office.

As Upload explains, “This is effectively a proof-of-concept for how easy it will become to make user-generated content for both VR, AR and Mixed Reality in the future…That opens up all sorts of possibilities for users to create their own content, as they would be able to use this technique to insert virtual sequences into live-action 360 video without having to painstakingly construct it element-by-element with CGI. The advantage of Second Life is that all the assets are already in place, so you can effectively film in real time. There is still a need to use a render engine, but that is no different than filming 360 video in the real world, which evens out the playing field.”

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