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It Took Two Years of Post-Production to Create Keiichi Matsuda’s Terrifying Vision of the Future, “Hyper-Reality”

Keiichi Matsuda’s “Hyper-Reality” is a six-minute dystopian nightmare about the possibilities of an augmented reality future in which our entire field of vision is constantly bombarded by gaming, advertisements, inane work communications, and more.

The prescient film (bear in mind, this was released before Pokémon Go) took Matsuda two years of post-production to complete. “At its best, science fiction speculates and tests alternative futures; it can be a tool to interrogate our cultural biases, to make us step outside of our subjective bubble and see the world from a different point of view. I love science fiction done right, and I’d be very proud to continue that tradition,” he tells Motionographer. “I’ve tried to make things believable, something to weigh against the techno-utopian future visions of Microsoft, Samsung, etc.”

Read the full story here and check out “Hyper-Reality” below.