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Why TV Still Dominates Over Streaming Video

Even though more and more people are making streaming video a part of their daily lives, broadcast TV still dominates and Light Reading‘s Jason Thibeault examines the technological issues for why that is.

“It’s true that any media and entertainment company can set up a streaming service but as HBO’s snafu with Game of Thrones demonstrated, even the most sophisticated companies still have difficulties delivering a flawless, ‘broadcast quality’ experience,” he writes. “That’s because pulling the technologies together in the right way, to support massive scale and global viewership across a multitude of devices, isn’t written down in some handbook. Doing it correctly requires a lot of trial and error… and the right decoder ring. And even when an organization gets it right, there’s still always the opportunity for something to go wrong. Server failure. Network interruption. Solar flares. Alien invasion. You name it.”

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