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BBC Streaming Olympics in 360 Degrees

The BBC has launched the BBC Sport 360 app just in time to stream coverage of the Summer Olympics in 360 degrees. 

One event each day will be streamed live in 360 degrees along with a daily highlights package. All in all, there will be around 100 hours of 360-degree footage available. The app is available for Android, iOS and Samsung Gear VR devices. The coverage is also available online through the BBC Taster site.

Says Will Saunders, editorial lead for BBC Taster, “This is a hugely exciting next step in our 360 and virtual reality experiments. There’s huge potential for immersive video in sport coverage, as well as many other genres, and we want to explore that potential directly with audiences. That’s why we experiment out in the open, so people can tell us what works, what doesn’t and whether there’s an appetite for more. We can’t wait to hear what people think.”