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Inside the Making of Daniels’ Interactive Short Film “Possibilia”

Daniels’ 2014 interactive short film “Possibilia” is now available to view online. The directing duo’s 6-minute films lets users manipulate a heated conversation between a couple (played by Alex Karpovsky and Zoe Jarman), who are in actuality reciting the exact same dialogue in myriad ways.

“We had to say the same words in many, many different environments and contexts, but they had to be said at the exact same speed, with the exact same pacing, so that the thing could be stitched together,” Karpovsky tells Entertainment Weekly. “So as an actor it was a really interesting and challenging exercise to say the same phrase in 32 different ways while preserving a single take — say it ecstatic, say it angry, say it with where there’s jealousy, say it where there’s this or that. And the way we did it technically was, they put an earwig, which is a really, really small receiver, in our ears, and it would play our dialog on a loop so that we could get the pacing down perfectly.”

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