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Twitter to Live-stream Democratic and Republican National Conventions

Twitter has truck a deal with CBS to live-stream their CBSN feed of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions later this month. This comes before Twitter’s much-touted NFL deal this fall, and after it started testing out live-streaming with Wimbledon last week.

Re/code explains, “While we don’t know much about what this deal looks like financially, Twitter’s new playbook is pretty darn clear: Obtain rights to the kind of video content people want to see and stream it live for them directly on Twitter, where they can tweet about it, or watch other people tweet about it, all in one place…The key for all of these deals will be whether or not it actually boosts Twitter’s user base, which has flatlined over the past year. If Twitter can show people the things they usually watch on TV, but for free, it might lure new users to the platform.”

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