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Fans Can Karaoke With a Holographic Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas is touring this summer along with the Counting Crows…and a hologram of himself. Fans who buy a VIP ticket to the concert will be able to partake in a karaoke experience that places their holographic selves onstage with a holographic Rob Thomas as they both belt the Matchbox 20 frontman’s greatest hits together.

“We consider it ‘social augmented reality’ when we can put the digital into the real world without wearables,” says Ashley Crowder, CEO of company VNTANA, who create the experience. “I think it becomes more of a game. And when it becomes interactive, that’s when people are like, wow. It’s one thing to see a hologram in front of you, but if you say hello and that hologram says hello back, then you start to really say, ‘What is reality, and what’s not?’”

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