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Comedy Central Creates Exclusive 360-Degree Facebook Video for ‘Another Period’

Comedy Central has released a 2-minute, 360-degree video on Facebook showcasing a sketch from their show Another Period.

It’s such a new medium, and all the typical ways of scripting and blocking actors were thrown away,” Lu Chekowsky, the SVP Brand Creative of Comedy Central, tells The Drum. “The piece was shot in one take and the video has no edits. We loved the challenge of putting these amazing comedic actors in a confined space that was intimate and so specific — and what we ended up with comes off feeling like a short play. It’s amazing how each time you watch the piece you can experience a different version of the story and find new moments. In that way, it’s wildly different than any other FB clip, as it offers a different experience each time you engage with it. I think the energy and danger of that single take experience feels different for this kind of comedic show — you really get a sense for how the performers take on their characters and this world. It’s a treat for fans and new viewers alike.

Check out the video below and read the full story here.