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Democratic Sit-In Is One of Most Compelling Uses of Live Video

New York Magazine‘s Brian Feldman answers his own question (“What is live video for?“) in a new piece that takes into account how important Facebook Live and Periscope were for the Democratic sit-in protesting gun control legislation.

“This was an incredibly compelling use of live video,” he writes. “But it’s also a very specific kind of event — exactly the kind for which a service like Facebook Live is well-suited. For one thing, it’s breaking news, so the fact that it’s live is pressing and important. The filming is being done by individual people at the site of the news event, rather than by bloggers press-ganged into awkward live discussions. It concerns a lengthy, ongoing, wait-and-watch event — one that different viewers can tune into hours apart and still have a good understanding of what’s happening. It does not require your raptattention, but it will hold it. In a very, very vague sense, this is the legitimate, important, legislative version of BuzzFeed wrapping rubber bands around a watermelon.”

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