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Successful Live Internet Video Needs to Be “Boring and Slow”

New York Magazine‘s Brian Feldman examines what makes for successful live-streaming Internet videos like the kind Facebook, Twitter, et. al have been trying to push for the past year.

He writes, “Publishers make it worse by trying to mimic the traditional television formats that came before them. Two talking heads arguing about the news; Martha Stewart giving a cooking tutorial. But these formats don’t work, and they certainly don’t get users invested. Traditional appointment viewing of “shows” flies in the face of what works online. The ability to tune in at any point and understand what’s happening is essential to the success of live internet video — not tuning in the moment someone goes live. It’s why thatwatermelon livestream was such a hit, and it’s the core component of video-game-streaming services, like Twitch, that are so successful. On YouNow, a popular premise is watching teenagers sleep. Live video on the web doesn’t need to be flashy, and it certainly shouldn’t mimic older formats. Counterintuitively, it needs to be boring and slow.”

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