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Understanding the Storytelling Challenges of 360-Degree Video

At Cannes Lion, Mofilm creative srategy director Elisha Greenwell gave a presentation entitled “How Drones and 360 Video Will Change Creativity,” in which she discussed some of the challenges and opportunities that 360-degree videos afford creators.

“As exciting as 360 and drone film is, it’s also really challenging,” Greenwell said, as reported by Fast Company’s Co.Create. “If you’re a really good filmmaker, you’re used to strong, focused landscape, and all of a sudden you have this whole landscape within which your story has to exist. Just planning that out, asking where the viewers attention will be, is really, really challenging. Instead of one shot, it’s every angle. So if you think about, there’s a squirrel over there, a bird over there but I want you to look at the horse, how do you actually get somebody to do that? You have to think of the total experience, you’re creating a world, not just a controlled scene.”

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