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Hulu’s Five-Year Deals End: What’s Next for Cord Cutters?

As the big five-year deals that Hulu made with content partners including the CW, Fox, ABC and more are coming to the end–and networks like the CW have already announced moving their shows off of the platform–Variety‘s Joanna Robinson wonders if cable packages will once again look appealing to cord cutters.

She writes, “This new CW deal is ringing in the beginning of the end of concentrated streaming power. Soon you’ll have to have a dozen subscriptions just to keep on top of things. Maybe, at that point, the pendulum will swing in the other direction. Wasn’t it easier when all your shows were bundled in one place? Hulu, once again, may have the answer there. The company is reportedly working on an internet TV service that will rival cable companies when it comes to streaming live content. Crucially, for many, this may include nationally broadcast sporting events which made the concept of eschewing live television a non-starter for so many. In other words, the era of centralized, next-day streaming may soon be over, but don’t count Hulu out just yet.”