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Oculus Founders Say More People Entering the Space is the Best Thing for VR

TechCrunch spoke to Oculus co-founders Nate Mitchell and Palmer Luckey about how the VR industry that they’re pioneering has taken off in just the last couple of years, with enormously influential tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Sony entering the fray.

“They’re accelerating the overall ecosystem. We’re really excited about more people coming in, giving money to developers, building new experiences. That’s good for the overall industry,” says Mitchell.

“When you have more people investing in VR games, whether it’s us, or Sony, or someone else, that means a greater pool of VR developers out there who know how to make VR games,” adds Luckey. “The next time around, they’re a lot more likely to make a VR game. They can do it cheaper, better and faster because they’ve already learned so much. The more people enter in the VR industry at this point, the better.”